Manage your website pages, product catalog, shopping cart, web forms and more with the built-in portal



A homepage is the default landing page of your website.

Web Page

Static Content like your Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Terms pages can be created using the Web Page.

Web Page Builder

Page Builder lets you quickly create web pages from pre-configured web templates.

Web Form

You can authorize customers, suppliers, job applicants, etc to access certain or create certain transactions using Web Forms.

Website Settings

Website related settings like landing page and website wide theme can be configured here.

Website Theme

ERPNext provides advanced theming capabilities to customize the look and feel of your website and make it match your brand.

Product Listing

ERPNext provides a product listing page where your customers can discover your products. It is enabled by default if you have published Items on your website.

Product Page

ERPNext provides product pages for your Sales Items, they can be configured from the Item Master.

Shopping Cart

In addition to listing your products, ERPNext also allows you to sell them via the Shopping Cart.

Social Login Keys

Social Login enables users to login to ERPNext via their Google, Facebook or GitHub account.

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