Non Profit

Track members, memberships, volunteers, grants for your non profit



The Member doctype allows you to record the Member details for a Membership.

Membership Type

Typically an organization will set up a membership type for each of the different memberships that they offer.


The Membership doctype allows you to record membership details for the Member.

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Volunteers and Donors

Volunteer Type

Volunteer Types are a basic building block for Volunteering management.


The Volunteer doctype allows you to record the Volunter details.


A donor in general is a person, organization or government who donates something voluntarily.

Donor Type

The Donor Type doctype allows you to Create different Donor Profile for the Donor.

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Grant and Chapter

Grant Application

Grant Application is designed to be used by organisations that distribute funds to others, for example grant seeker, etc.


The Chapter doctype allows you to record the Chapter details.

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