Manage multi-level Bill of Materials, plan and track production with Work Orders

Basic and Setup


ERPNext has features like Bill of Materials tracking, Production Order planning and execution, procurement and lot more.

Manufacturing Settings

Manufacturing Settings holds all global settings and configurations for manufacturing features

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Bill of Materials

Bill Of Materials

The BOM is a list of all materials (either bought or made) and operations that go into a finished product or sub-Item.


Workstation stores information regarding the place where the workstation operations is carried out


Stores a list of all Manufacturing Operations, its description and the Default Workstation for the Operation

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Work Order

A Work Order is a document that is given to the manufacturing shop floor by the Production Planner as a signal to produce a certain quantity of a certain Item.

Production Plan

Production Plan helps the user to plan production against multiple Sales Orders or the Material Requests.

Job Card

A Job Card is created from the Work Order and given to each of the workstation in the manufacturing floor to start the production of an item.

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Subcontracting is a type of job contract that seeks to outsource certain types of work to other companies.

Item Alternative

If a raw material defined in the BOM is not available during the production process then their respective available alternative item used to complete the production process.

BOM Update Tool

From BOM Update Tool, you can replace a sub-assembly BOM and update costs of all BOMs.

BOM Comparison Tool

Using BOM Comparison Tool, you can compare two BOMs and see what changed between their iterations.

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Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning functionality helps you in tracking production jobs allocated on each Workstation.

Open Work Orders

We can easily identify the progress of manufacturing of certain items in our organizations using Open Work Orders in ERPNext.

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